Friday, July 17, 2015

Lahaina Maui July 2015 HOT HOT HOT!!!

June 25-July 5th 2015 Arrived and stayed in Lahaina Maui. The Temps were hot and humid. Local said they had not seen the famous Trade Winds in about six months. We checked in at the Marriott's Maui Ocean Club Lahaina. We had an amazing stay there. Right from check in to check out, the staff was friendly, helpful, courteous and we felt right at home. We were in the "new building" and we had an amazing view of the ocean. There was a pool outside of our room (we were on the third floor). Noise was not a problem at all.
There is a beautiful beach right outside on the other side of the grass lawn. There is also a very nice beach walkway that follows along the beach for quite a ways in both directions. There is not a lot for food choices on the property itself. There is a Starbucks and it opens quite early (5:30 am I believe). There is a poolside bar which serves a very nice lunch and offers happy hour selections. The service out there is pretty amazing! The staff works very hard! One restaurant to note is the Ka'anapali Grille. It is literally situated what I believe to be right on Marriott property (I of course could be wrong), however, they at this time are not affiliated. When we were there you could not charge to your room. The wait staff did say that something is in the works to change his but as of this time if you are planning to go there, bring some cash or a credit card! The service is so/so. We had amazing service for breakfast in the morning. Ask for Ashley, she is a peach! She is local and very personable and has such joy on her face and truly loving life! We went back on another night and it was really a mistake. We first sat at the bar while waiting for a table. We though it was strange because there were quiet alot of empty tables and we were a party of two but we were on vacation and jus decided o relax and chill out. The bartender was quiet attentive then offered us menus and we refused saying we were waiting for a table. Right at that instant I knew we made a bad decision! Probably about ten minutes later the hostess came and brought us to our table. We were quite happy it was so fast. We were seated and given menus. After that we waited and waited, and waited and waited. It was about twenty minutes and I started to stand up because we decided we would just go back to the bar when a waiter came to save the day!  We weren't even in his section and he went above and beyond the call of duty. I believe it was just miscommunication. Everything was fine and we were very happy with the food. The hotel is great, I really wish there were more restaurant options but I also understand a lot of families bring food and cook on their own so his may no be realistic. I hope we come back to stay at this great resort again!

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