Sunday, July 19, 2015

Amazing flowers and animals of Maui!

One of my favorite things I really enjoy when I visit any island in Hawaii are the beautiful flowers all around. It always amazes me that there will be beautiful wild flowers growing from a street sign or lava rock, for instance.

Orchid Petals



I love the fact that the Hawaiians take pride in their islands and really are grateful for where they live. When speaking with them I would say about 99% have lived there their entire lives and have no desire to live anywhere else. They know they live in a beautiful place and wouldn't want to change that.

Coconut Palm Trees

Hawaiian Ginger Flower

Orchid(I believe)

Maui Cows

Bird of Paradise

 The coral reef is amazing for snorkeling. We were very fortunate to see some vibrant colored fish and these amazing turtles that just swam with us and were not afraid of us as we approached them.

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